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    Vaportek Products Odor Control 3x SOS Optimum 4000

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    People often ask whether Vaportek’s technology masks or truly eliminates malodors.

    The answer: Vaportek eliminates organic odors.

    Odor Masking vs. Odor Neutralization

    To mask is to increase overall odor intensity in order to forcibly “cover-up” an existing malodor. This means introducing a new odor that is more powerful smelling than the problematic odor you wanted to eliminate. It results in a further bombardment of perceived scents that does nothing to eliminate the source of the original malodor.

    To neutralize is to eliminate or cause malodorous molecules to be imperceptible on a molecular level through direct counteractant measures with an additional compound, in this case, our essential oil compound comprised of plant, flower, and tree extracts. Malodor molecules are then changed through chemical interaction, called odor-pairing or encapsulation, into a new molecular form that either no longer smells or that is not volatile enough to be perceived. In this way, the malodorous molecule is lessened to the point of nonexistence as it has been broken down beyond recognition.

    When Vaportek’s essential oil compounds are volatilized into the air as a dry vapor, they react directly with odorous molecules in the air. This molecular, chemical interaction allows Vaportek’s products to effectively neutralize organic malodors.

    Why Essential Oils?

    While Vaportek does introduce an additional fragrance (which some incorrectly attribute to masking) due to our complex formula of naturally occurring essential oils, it is the exact complexity of our oil formula that goes one step further to effectively eliminate the source of the malodourous molecules through encapsulation or odor-pairing neutralization technology. While there are many essential oils, not all of them are capable of neutralizing organic odors such as smoke, urine, skunk, and mildew. Vaportek has carefully crafted the correct blend of oils required for effective and permanent odor elimination. This is why Vaportek’s technology is so unique. Our formula of essential oils offer a broad spectrum neutralization of odor causing elements like aldehyde, amine, diamine, sulfide, lactone, carboxylic acid, ester, carbylamines, ketone, and other carbons.

    It is thanks to our essential oils that Vaportek may proudly claim to offer our customers a green solution for their malodor issues rather than be forced to seek out harsh chemicals and ozone producing products. Many existing odor eliminating solutions expose both occupants and the professionals using the equipment to health issues like respiratory disease and lung damage. These products can cause harm to our natural environment too. Our technology is CFC-free, nontoxic, and VOC compliant.

    technology3Why Dry Vapor?

    Vaportek further distinguishes itself from competitors with our dry vapor delivery technique which adds zero moisture to the treatment area and is otherwise imperceptible beyond the aroma of essential oils. Our technology doesn’t produce any harmful ozone or hydroxyl, doesn’t involve any fogging equipment, and isn’t as messy or sticky as gels and sprays. Dry vapor compounds have high mobility in the air and are able to safely penetrate porous substances such as wallboard, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation, and other surfaces in a way that competitors’ products cannot.

    Trust Vaportek

    Vaportek is the pioneering force behind essential oil, dry vapor technology. Vaportek is years ahead of imitation products crafted by companies who are still struggling to achieve the ideal balance of what we discovered and perfected in 1979. Place your trust in Vaportek and our original blend of oils for effective and permanent odor elimination. Beyond our 100% guarantee, we promise impeccable customer service, fair pricing, and a commitment to offer you an environmentally friendly solution for your organic odor problems. We believe in our products and are proud of what we produce. Try us first – we’re all you’ll need!

    Eliminate Organic Odors

    Here are a few examples of some organic odors our products have been known to effectively neutralize:

    • Mold/Mildew
    • Mustiness
    • Pet
    • Urine
    • Smoke/Fire
    • Flood
    • Garbage/Dumpster
    • Sweat/Athletic
    • Sewage
    • Sour/Spoiled Dairy
    • Skunk
    • Hydroponic/Grow Rooms
    • Protein Fires
    • Cooking Odors Like Curry
    • Decomposing Body
    • And More!

    Click here for a printable PDF.

    How We Differ From Competitors

    Ozone, hydroxyl, and fogging systems are used by many to eliminate odors, so why use Vaportek’s dry vapor systems? Simple. Here is a short list of just a few of the issues associated with our competitors:

    • Requires specialized training to use
    • Safety gear & safety signs are required
    • Evacuation of people & pets is necessary
    • Strict ventilation requirements
    • Electrical & explosion hazards
    • They can worsen chronic respiratory diseases & damage lungs or cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, & throat irritation
    • Can emit toxic gases
    • Are subject to limited exposure regulations
    • Can increase aldehydes & formic acid in atmosphere
    • Can adversely affect indoor plants, & can damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, & fabrics & art work containing susceptible dyes & pigments

    Read More Here:
    EPA on Ozone

    Our products are SAFE. The best part about Vaportek? We have NONE of the above issues. Here are some important advantages our products can offer you:

    • Natural
    • No special gear is required when used as directed
    • No CFCs & does not deplete ozone layer
    • No inert ingredients & VOC compliant
    • No evacuation of people, pets, or plants is necessary
    • No introduced moisture with our dry vapor systems
    • No oxidation
    • No harm to textiles & no removal of pigment from leather
    • No health issues are associated with our products’ recommended use. However, since our products do emit a fragrance of their own due to the essential oils, some may encounter fragrance sensitivity.  
    • No ozone, no hydroxyl, & no fogging

    Our products are ECONOMICAL. Many of our products last beyond one job! Our liquids are highly concentrated, allowing the liquid to last for multiple jobs. Our cartridges all come with either rotating end caps or lids to seal in the essential oils in between jobs, preserving their life for continued use.

    Our products give you CHOICES. Many of our customers appreciate that we provide a wide range of fragrances to choose from. Whether they use it on a job with customers of their own, or in their own private homes, our clients have over a dozen aromas to chose from. While we recommend S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) and 3X Industrial for the toughest malodor elimination, we have a full list of aromas on our Fragrance Guide for continual indoor deodorization. If you are combating tough odors and/or seeking deodorization to match the changing of the seasons, we have a cost effective solution for you! Please refer to our Aroma Variety Stock Number Addendum to see a full listing of what formulas apply to certain products, as not all fragrances are available in every product. 

    Odor Neutralizers

    3X Industrial or Neural/Classic Neutral: A pine and eucalyptus based formula that eliminates all organic odors. Our #1 recommended formula.

    S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution): A formula with cinnamon high notes that is especially effective on smoke odors.

    Aroma Diffusers

    We have a full line of oil formulas designed for aroma therapy, seasonal scents, and/or continual fragrance use in residential, hospice, and commercial spaces. 

    technology2Unique Delivery Systems

    Wherever you encounter organic odors, we have a delivery system that can help. Our systems treat closet-sized rooms to warehouse facilities. While each Vaportek products has its own individual applications, features, and benefits, they all share in some key advantages:

    • Unique membrane & disk systems that use patented essential oil, dry vapor technology for odor neutralization. Dry vapor means no problematic gels, sprays, or foggers
    • Ozone-free & hydroxyl-free technology means an environmentally preferable & effective treatment solution without the health risks

    Shelf Life: Our liquids will last essentially indefinitely if stored properly. Our membranes, EZ-Disks, and cartridges are recommended to be used within a 12 month period. Keep in mind that humidity, air flow, and temperature do effect the lifespan of our products. Ideal dry vapor release occurs at 50-80ºF. Vapor release significantly increases in excess of 90ºF. Refer to the Tech Data and Use and Operation Manuals located on each products page for more information.