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    Vaportek 80-2100N Optimum 3000 w/Neutral Cartridge

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      Vaportek 80-2100N Optimum 3000 w/Neutral Cartridge


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      Vaportek Optimum 3000 Machine with Neutral Cartridge and Filter

      A Dual Air Treatment System Ionizer

      Economical Cartridge & filter lasts approximately 90 days.

      Works 24/7 This system is meant to run continuously for ongoing odor issues & air filtration.

      Safe & Environmentally Preferable Safe for use in occupied spaces. No chemicals or harmful ozone.


      The Optimum 3000 is an easy-to-use, virtually silent, stationary ionizer system. Primarily intended for constant deodorization and air filtration by removing particulates from the air. It offers multi-stage filtration containing three different elements to remove smoke, dust, and pollens from the air. The ionizer element helps clean the air by releasing millions of negatively charged ions. Ions are attracted to oppositely charged particulate (like smoke) and precipitate them out of the air. The ionizer does not need servicing. The ionizer feature enhances filter efficiency by constantly charging the filter media. Unit treats areas up to 12,000 ft3 to effectively eliminate odor contamination quickly and safely. Primarily intended for delivering a long-lasting treatment solution, it uses Vaportek's patented spill-proof essential oil cartridge to release an odor-neutralizing dry vapor into the air. Penetrating vapor quickly controls and eliminates malodor caused by smoke, humidity, food, and biological odors, among others. Based on proven technology, the Optimum 3000 sets the standard for treating an area’s atmosphere, structure, and contents simultaneously.


      The Optimum 3000 is intended for application where the source of the malodor is constant and continuous, and where air filtration is required to remove microscopic particles such as pollen, dust, animal dander, and smoke. Prior to initial start-up, open the unit. Press inwards on the locking mechanism located on the top of the unit. The back top cover is hinged, and will easily swing up. Put the lever down to its off (lowest) position during servicing. Take out the filter and cartridge, unwrap them. The black-framed filter is located in the front of the access area. Replace filter by simply pulling up and out. Install new filter by reverse action, ensuring that white side is facing the motor. Make certain filter fits squarely in place to allow cover to close. To reinstall cartridge, place cartridge in cradle ensuring that notch on bottom of cartridge fits snuggly into square tab located directly in front of the black filter. Plug unit into the correct outlet. Situate unit so air flow is unobstructed, preferably in a relatively high location. Place on a firm, stable surface. Deodorization and air filtration will occur continuously. Adjust side lever for dry vapor output and intensity. As with any electrical device, do not locate or use near water. For best results, store cartridges in a cool, dry location and keep away from extreme heat. Dry vapor output will be affected by humidity, airflow, and temperature. Ideal dry vapor release occurs at 50-80°F. Vapor release significantly increases in excess of 90°F.


      Virtually silent. Tough, modular ABS plastic housing. No evacuation or recovery period is required with Vaportek technology. Designed for continuous, long-term operation. Cartridge and filter life is approximately 90 days. The system does not create moisture or ozone, and will not harm fabric, plants, rubber, adhesives, electrical components, or remove pigment from leather. Vaportek products use natural essential oils. If an allergic reaction occurs, please discontinue use immediately. Dimensions: 4 5/8"H x 5 1/4"W x 13"L. Weight: 3.5 lbs. Five year limited warranty.

      This system provides a safe, effective alternative to ozone. It is not recommended for use with ozone-generating equipment.

      Reorder Information:

       Optimum 3000 110/120v w/Neutral Cartridge/Filter (#80-2100N) Optimum 3000 Neutral Cartridge/Filter (#80-2300) Optimum 3000 Lemon Cartridge/Filter (#80-2310) Optimum 3000 Potpourri Cartridge/Filter (#80-2320)

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