Vaportek High Output 120 Day Cartridges 90-4120


Vaportek 90-4120 Cartridge High Output 120 Day Neutral 90-4120
Vaportek 90-4120 Cartridge High Output 120 Day  Neutral

Vaportek 90-4120 Cartridge High Output 120 Day Neutral


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Vaportek 90-4120 High-Output 120-Day Cartridges

NOTE: the Neutral neutralizes odors but the other fragrances do not they just add a pleasent odor to the room


Neutral (Best) HoneyDew Floral Bloom Woodlands Green Apple Potpourri
Berry Orchard Forest Winter Lavender Meadow
Ocean Linen Lemon Japanese Blosson Summer Orange Vanilla


Dry Vapor Technology

Organic odors. Dry Vapor Technology Treat atmosphere, contents, and structures simultaneously! Vaportek’s unique odor control systems employ proprietary compounds of select natural oils that are hermetically sealed into specially formed membranes. The membranes permit the oils to breathe through the surface of the envelope, allowing a safe dry vapor to be diffused into the air. When Vaportek’s compounds are volatilized, they react directly with odorous molecules in the air. Through this molecular interaction, Vaportek products effectively neutralize and/or cause these problematic malodorous molecules to be inactivated. With our dry vapor compounds’ high mobility in the air and its ability to penetrate porous substances such as wallboard, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation, and other surfaces, our unique technology is able to permanently neutralize embedded odors. Our technology eliminates odors, it does not mask or cover-up