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    Vaportek SOS Smoke Odor Solution Cartridge 90-5150-85


    Vaportek 90-5150-85 SOS Smoke Odor Eliminator

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      SKU: 90-5150-85
      Vaportek 90-5150-85 SOS Smoke Odor Eliminator


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      Vaportek 90-5150-85 SOS Industrial Cartridges (Rated at 270 hours)

      #90-5150-85     S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) S.O.S. is specially formulated for any smoke odors.

      Why Dry Vapor?

      Vaportek further distinguishes itself from competitors with our dry vapor delivery technique which adds zero moisture to the treatment area and is otherwise imperceptible beyond the aroma of essential oils. Our technology doesn’t produce any harmful ozone or hydroxyl, doesn’t involve any fogging equipment, and isn’t as messy or sticky as gels and sprays. Dry vapor compounds have high mobility in the air and are able to safely penetrate porous substances such as wallboard, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation, and other surfaces in a way that competitors’ products cannot.

      Why Essential Oils?

      While Vaportek does introduce an additional fragrance (which some incorrectly attribute to masking) due to our complex formula of naturally occurring essential oils, it is the exact complexity of our oil formula that goes one step further to effectively eliminate the source of the malodourous molecules through encapsulation or odor-pairing neutralization technology. While there are many essential oils, not all of them are capable of neutralizing organic odors such as smoke, urine, skunk, and mildew. Vaportek has carefully crafted the correct blend of oils required for effective and permanent odor elimination. This is why Vaportek’s technology is so unique. Our formula of essential oils offer a broad spectrum neutralization of odor causing elements like aldehyde, amine, diamine, sulfide, lactone, carboxylic acid, ester, carbylamines, ketone, and other carbons.


      Works to control the following odors:



      Vaportek 90-2200 Stand Alone Cartridge 3x Industrial Remove Fire Smoke Tobacco Cigarette Smell




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