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    Powr-Flite WW1000-2Wonder Wand™, 2 Jet, 1000 PSI

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      SKU: WW1000-2
      Powr-Flite WW1000-2Wonder Wand™, 2 Jet, 1000 PSI




      Powr-Flite WW1000-2 Wonder Wand™, 2 Jet, 1000 PSI

      The Wonder Wand outperforms any other wand. No other wand on the market is this easy to use and still achieves a high level of cleaning performance.

      The easy-to-use Wonder Wand glides effortlessly across all types of carpet, dramatically reducing operator fatigue and stress injuries. With a Wonder Wand you work faster with significantly less effort. You easily get more work done in less time, without the aching back and shoulders at the end of the day! The Wonder Wand's patented technology never lets the solution come to rest on the carpet. This "solution control" process allows more solution to be pushed through the carpet fibers without soaking the backing and pad. Solution is recovered instantaneously. As a result, carpets dry much faster! The Wonder Wand recovers as much as 50% more solution than conventional wands.

      The unique roller system allows you to roll the wand forward and back. No need to lift the wand!

      The final filter and quick release spray jets reduce clogging and make for easy maintenance.
      1. Air-induction head atomizes high-velocity solution.
      2. Hyper-charged droplets penetrate and scrub each individual fiber.
      3. Solution is kept under constant vacuum control.
      4. Solution is simultaneously recovered.

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