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     Malish Mastic Demon Floor Coating Removal Tool  Brushes Rotary Malish Clutch    Before Ordering make sure of your machine
    CW means Clockwise Rotation
    CCW means Counter Clockwise Rotation

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    Malish Mastic Demon Floor Coating Removal Tool

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      SKU: Mastic_Demon_Rotary
      Malish Mastic Demon Floor Coating Removal Tool


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      For speedy, easy removal of even the toughest coatings from concrete floors, including mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, paint, epoxy and more. Efficient and effective, the Mastic Demon™ leaves behind an improved surface profile.

      How Does it Work

      • Works up to 30% faster without the use of dangerous chemicals.
      • Enhanced cutting power with 75% larger blades that include increased diamond content that leaves behind an improved surface profile.
      • Boosts productivity with newly designed angled blades, created to cut and eject debris faster and more efficiently.
      • Avoids build-up on blades and completes jobs faster.


      The Mastic Demon™ is a standalone tool and is designed to remove coatings and mastic on concrete floors that are not intended for polishing. It is not to be used as part of the Diamond Devil™ Polishing System.

      Used as a prep tool for coatings.


      Product No. Product Description Rotation Block Type Block Diameter UPC # of Blades
      51012CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 12" 6-15129-51012-7 5
      51013CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 13" 6-15129-51013-4 5
      51014CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 14" 6-15129-51014-1 5
      51015CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 15" 6-15129-51015-8 6
      51016CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 16" 6-15129-51016-5 6
      51017CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 17" 6-15129-51017-2 6
      51018CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 18" 6-15129-51018-9 8
      51019CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 19" 6-15129-51019-6 8
      51020CCW Mastic Demon™ CCW Plastic 20" 6-15129-51020-2 8
      51012CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 12" 6-15129-91012-5 5
      51013CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 13" 6-15129-91013-2 5
      51014CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 14" 6-15129-91014-9 5
      51015CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 15" 6-15129-91015-6 6
      51016CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 16" 6-15129-91016-3 6
      51017CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 17" 6-15129-91017-0 6
      51018CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 18" 6-15129-91018-7 8
      51019CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 19" 6-15129-91019-4 8
      51020CW Mastic Demon™ CW Plastic 20" 6-15129-91020-0 8