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    Marijuana and Smoke Odor Eliminator Concentrate 4/1 gal case

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      Purchase Marijuana and Smoke Odor Eliminator Concentrate 4/1 gal case

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      Marijuana and Smoke Odor Eliminator Concentrate 4/1 gal case


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      Marijuana Concentrate Eliminates any Smoke Related Odors

      Special Blend                   The one that really works.

      Specifically formulated to eliminate marijuana odors from furniture, carpet, walls, upholstery, autos and more. Also eliminates any smoke related odor. Tobacco related smoke odors Cigarette, Cigar and more. Simple, safe and economical.

      Not a mask. Not an enzyme.

      Directions for Use: Designed to be applied with tank sprayers, trigger sprayers, foggers and cleaning agents. Is effective as a spray on small items/areas or on large areas using a fogger application. Always apply enough product to ensure direct contact with the odor source. Saturation may be needed on porous surfaces.

      • Add 4-8oz to 1 gallon of water or cleaning agent for sprayers, fogging or cleaning applications.

      • Ratios can be varied depending on the severity of the odor.

      • When fogging, use fans to help drive the product into cracks, crevices and inaccessible spaces. Ensure the central heat/air is running to help eliminate odors in the ductwork. Refer to fogger instructions for operation and safety information.

      • For vehicles, use sprayer or ULV fogging applications at 4-8oz per gallon of water/cleaning agent. Spray into vents and run the heat/AC for maximum effectiveness.

      • In extreme situations, Johnson Wholesale Marijuana can be used in conjunction with ozone treatments to maximize effectiveness.

      Product Safety:

      Johnson Wholesale Marijuana products are safe for use on any surface. As with any product, follow the label directions. Always spot test for color fastness. Care should be taken if sensitive to fragrances. If fogging, protective apparel is recommended to avoid inhalation and skin contact. Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.

      Keep out of the reach of children.

      For external use only.

      Right to Know: Water, Glycosperse, IPA, Orange Terpenes, Iso raldeine 70, Lilial, Linalool.

      Nontoxic • Nonirritating • Nonflammable • Noncarcinogenic • Biodegradable

      Johnson Wholesale Marijuana product works through:

      • Counteraction: /strong>Termed neutralization when no odor results and reodorization when a milder pleasant odor replaces the malodor.

      • Works through Zwaardemaker pairs (conjugates); pairs of odorants that neutralize each others' respective odors.

      • Absorption: The physical penetration of the malodor substance into the inner structure of one or more of the Johnson Wholesale Marijuana product substances.

      • Bonding (chemisorption): Chemical binding of malodors to Johnson Wholesale Marijuana product's molecular surfaces. Johnson Wholesale Marijuana products also provide:

      • Inhibitors: Control odors that can be caused by further biological (organic) decomposition (putrefaction).

      • Residuals: Reactivate after initial application to combat & prevent odors. Johnson Wholesale Marijuana products use no problematic enzymes, bacteria, oxidizers or olfactory desensitizers to eliminate odors.

      All Johnson Wholesale Marijuana products use a combination of counteraction, bonding (chemisorption) and absorption. This technology permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact irrespective of what has been tried before

      WARNING Skin Sensitization, Category 1B. H317: May cause allergic skin reaction