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    Malish Mastic Demon Floor Coating Removal Tool  Brushes Rotary Malish Clutch    Before Ordering make sure of your machine
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    Malish Diamond Devil Concrete/Terrazzo Polish Tool Natural

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      Malish Diamond Devil Concrete/Terrazzo Polish Tool Natural


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      Malish Diamond Devil Concrete Polish Tool Natural


      The next-generation solution, this innovative concrete restoration and polishing system works on most standard floor machines, delivering superior results in less time, saving more money. Achieve remarkable results with the chemicalfree, patent-pending Diamond Devil™ System – every time.

      Use the System’s 3+1 array of polishing tools to Grind, Hone, Polish and Shine floors. The System’s Shine Tool delivers superior image gloss and clarity, keeping floors looking their best.


      Grind. Hone. Polish. Shine. That’s the Diamond Devil™ system’s 3+1 approach. Three steps vs. the typical 6-step polishing process saves time. This nextgeneration system’s “+1” Shine Tool takes the finish a step beyond to an unmatched gloss level – using standard floor equipment.

      • Fewer steps + passes = less process time (saves $$$)
      • Permanent blades that are precisely designed and angled so no need to stop and replace worn blades
      • No pre-use blade hydration required, and no worries about snapping or breaking

      Natural – Closes concrete or terrazzo, brings out clean, even satin/polish finish

      Malish Diamond Devil Grind Tool Blue