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    Hawk Floor Prep Surface Scraper

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      SKU: Hawk-Surface-Scraper
      Hawk Floor Prep Surface Scraper


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      Hawk Professional Scraper for Concrete & Stone

      HAWK Scraper Xtra Heavy Duty Scraper Tool Sizes

      Plates for 13", 17" and 20" Machine

      Scraper Part  Numbers

      HP0035 13" Machine HP0033 17" Machine HP0034 20" Machine

      Professional Polishing of Concrete & Stone

      Use the Hawk Scraper to remove tile adhesives, carpet backing, industrial grease & soil, and coatings from hard surfaces. 13”, 17”, and 20” sizes. The Scraper drives six 1”x1” carbide steel blades, each on a dual-position rigid mount. Drive the Scraper with a Hawk Severe Duty Floor Machine with a 1.5 HP motor.

      Ships with Universal Clutch Plate and Cutters Attached

      Engineered Design

      •  Two sizes - 13" and 20".  The 20" Scraper fits 17" and 20"
      •  3/8” thick steel plate construction. The plate is e-coated for   
          corrosion resistance.
      •  The plate is fit with six (6) tungsten steel cutter holders mounted
           with easily removed, allen head screws
      •  Each cutter holder carries one (1) 1” x 1” carbide cutting blade.
          Each blade has 8 cutting edges. 
      •  Mount the blade for a wide cutting edge, or a sharp cutting point
      • The Hawk Scraper mounts on the floor machine with a custom
          milled aluminum clutch plate on a riser (included).
      •  The aluminum clutch plate won't seize onto gear drive hub
      •  Add the optional dust ring and vacuum mounting kits on your
          Hawk floor machine for handling dusty soils
      •  Add optional machine weights on your Hawk floor machine for 
          greater down pressure and faster scraping results
       • Order replacement cutter blades #HPA0033RC - sold in set of 3 (Requires 6 cutter blades for entire scraper) Scraper blades are double sided and 4 cutting sides on each side.


      Scraper Safety Tips

      •  20” Scraper is built with mounting grip recess for
          safer mounting
      • Always unplug the floor machine before mounting or removing
         the Scraper
      • Always wear gloves when handling sharp cutting edge tools