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    Hawk Rotary Brushes and Pad Drivers

    Hawk F61-26 GP26 Grinder Polisher Twin Head

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      Purchase Hawk F61-26 GP26 Grinder Polisher Twin Head

      SKU: F61-26
      Hawk F61-26 GP26 Grinder Polisher Twin Head


      Hawk5: $391.00



      HAWK F-GP26 Professional Floor Surfacing Machine Grinder-Polisher

      Grind, Polish, Scrub

      The HAWK GP26 dual motor floor surfacing machine is a high production, low fatigue machine for commercial floor technicians. Cover 26" per pass running on a minimum 115V, 20 ampere circuit. This innovative design incorporates a special AC 115-230V, 50/60 Hz motor that works around the globe without requiring modifications.

       Use for grinding, polishing, and deep cleaning of concrete, natural stone, and other hard surfaces. Engineered to polish within 1/2” of walls. Operators can use the dual motor directional switch for navigating irregular surfaces with ease.

       The two-piece design allows the handle-carriage to be easily separated from the dual motor head. This is advantageous when equipment needs transport into hard to reach locations or those with restrictive access, such as basements or mezzanines.

      Optional 6 gallon solution tank and electric pump for wet processes. Collar weights can be removed for lighter touch in polishing and transport.

      Engineered Design
      • Control Center is front & center to the operator
      • 3-position handle for transport, operation and storage

      ·         120 lumen LED lights (2- Sides, 2 Forward)

      ·         50 ., (12-3) 2-piece industrial power cord with twist lock Ÿ 10“x2” grooved non-marking transport wheels

      ·         Detachable handle-carriage for transport

      ·         Dual AC-TEFC motors with 11:1 XHD gears

      ·         Removable collar weights

      ·         Built in dust control with combo 1.5” or 2” exhaust 

      Optional 6 Gallon solution tank with 60 PSI diaphragm pump





      Pad Size

      13 Inch

      Power Source

      115-230v, 50/60 Hz

       Motors (2)

      1 HP, AC TEFC

      Max Run Amperes


      Gear Ratio / RPM

      11:1, 165

      Power Cord

       50', 12-3 2-Part with Twist Lock

      Weight - Total




       Head w/Motors


      Weights (2 sets)


      Solution Tank

       6 Gallon

      Electric Pump

      60 PSI