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    EXM One Up Luxury Vinyl Tile Matte Floor Finish

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      EXM One Up Luxury Vinyl Tile Matte Floor Finish


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      EXM One Up Luxury Vinyl Tile Extends Matte Floor Finish

      One Up Extends Matte Floor Finish is a quick easy way to repair damaged surfaces that have scratches or abrasion to the wear layer. It is the perfect finish if you want to add a protective layer to your floor but not create a glossy floor that some may percieve as a slippery surface (gloss). It can be used on Luxury Vinyl Tile or VCT tile floors.


      Before application of the Extends Matte Floor Finish make sure the floor is clean and free of all dirt and soils. For best results apply with a flat microfiber finish mop.

      1. Apply Extends Matte Floor Finish in straight, even strokes that will cover fully, but not so liberally as to run into puddles. Apply 1 - 3 coats of One Up Matte Floor Finish to obtain the desired coverage.

      2. Allow to dry completely. Do not re-work surface while it is drying. For best results keep traffice off floor for 20-30 minutes depending on temperature and humidity in the area being treated.

      FUTURE CARE: Clean the flooring on a daily basis (depending on traf - fic) . Use One Up Extends Cleaner with a mop or autoscrubber. Main - taining a clean floor is very important to “extend” the life of the LVT or VCT floors wear layer.

      Features & Benefits

      • Extends the life of LTV floors
      • Does not require floor finish to be used
      • Dries fast and is non slip
      • Creates safe non-glossy surface


      Odor Characteristic odor
      Appearance White liquid
      pH 8.0 + 0.5
      Specific Gravity .1.014 +/- 0.5
      Flash Point None to boiling
      Boiling Point. Appx. 212 0 F

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