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    Minuteman DS2 C46200-00DS Disinfecting Sprayer for Viruses and Bacteria

    Minuteman C46200-00DS DS2 Sprayer Mist It System Reg $999.00 Special $550.00

    Thumbnail Filmstrip of Minuteman C46200-00DS DS2 Sprayer Mist It System Reg $999.00 Special $550.00 Images

      Purchase Minuteman C46200-00DS DS2 Sprayer Mist It System Reg $999.00 Special $550.00

      SKU: C46200-00DS
      Minuteman C46200-00DS DS2 Sprayer Mist It System Reg $999.00 Special $550.00




      Minuteman DS2 Powered Applicator  Mist It
      Disinfecting Sprayer C46200-00DS

      Easily sprays disinfectant solution via 25 foot hose. Use for fighting against SARS-CoV-19 virus.

      DS2 Productivity

      • Extremely user-friendly
      • Compact and lightweight- can be rolled on 4” integrated wheels.
      • Lighweight, durable attachments for even greater reach
      • Narrow design ideal for tight spaces as well as large areas

      DS2 General Overview

      • The DS2 100 PSI Pump equipped with an accumulator
      provides a pulse-free uniform spray ensuring consistent and
      effective application methods.
      achieve hospital grade cleanliness levels.
      • Improved coverage and efficacy with the DS2 leads to more
      uniform coverage than standard wipe methods
      • Partner with Minuteman Powerboss and their
      expansive range of products to develop a comprehensive
      approach to your disinfection and sanitization protocols.

      Where can you use the Minuteman DS2 Sprayer?

      • Hospitals
      • Vet Clinics
      • Cruise Ships
      • Schools
      • Assisted Care Centers
      • Processing Facilities
      • Airports/Aircraft
      • Building Service Contractors

      Specifications and Key Features of the DS2

      • Specially designed for complete operator control
      • Use anywhere, anytime

      Solution tank...2 gallons (7.6 liters)
      Spray hose.....25 feet with available Extension Wand
      Power.............115 volts
      Power cord.....25 feet
      Pump..............100 PSI
      Tank................rotationally molded polyethylene
      Weight............19 lbs (8.6kg)
      Dimensions....19 x 8.75 x 17 inches

      Warranty........1 year parts and labor

      MIST SIZE:

      • The unit comes with two tips. .033 and .050

      • With the .033 the GPM is .042

      • You will get approx. 47 Minutes of runtime out of the 2 gallon tank

      • The coverage rate is approximately 15,870 SQ. FT. per tank

      • The droplet size is 80 on the .033

      • And 100 on the .050

      Made in the USA