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    Vaportek Bio-C GP General Purpose Concentrate

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      SKU: Biocgp
      Vaportek Bio-C GP General Purpose Concentrate




      BIO-C GP

      A liquid concentrate that contains a powerful blend of safe, nonpathogenic bacteria that accelerates the natural breakdown of organic matter, as well as a special nontoxic odor control ingredient. Contains 68 million colony-forming units (CFUs) of bacteria per milliliter (255 billion CFUs per gallon).

      Bio-C GP (General Purpose) Odor Controller and Organic Breakdown Agent
      #90-1301  Gallon (4/case)
      #90-1305  5 Gallon Mini Drum (free spigot included)
      #77-1304  Pet Labeled Quart (6/case)

      Quick Facts:

      • Concentrate with 5 strains of dormant, nonpathogenic bacteria
      • Breaks down organic waste to eliminate odors
      • Bacteria will begin reproducing enzymes within one hour becoming totally involved in 4-6 hours
      • Not a disinfectant
      • 255 billion CFU per gallon; neutral pH; no alcohol
      • Uses: spot treat carpets & hard surfaces where organic odors persist; if using on textiles, rinse
      • Temperature: 40-120 °F
      • Dilution ratio: standard is one ounce per one gallon of water
      • Diluted mixtures should be used within 24 hours
      • Nonstaining; no slippery residue
      • Can be paired with our electrical & passive systems
      • *Never mix a bacterial product with disinfectants as active ingredients will be destroyed

      Product Ideal For (But Not Limited To):

      • Hard Surfaces
      • Garbage/Refuse Areas
      • Auto
      • Home
      • Hotel
      • Industrial
      • Septic Tank Maintenance
      • Janitorial/Restrooms
      • Pet Stains (spot treat urine stains on carpets)
      • Restoration

      Does not ship outside of US