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    Quick Charge Battery Chargers:

    These chargers are programmable to charge wet cells, gel's, AGM's, and Lithiums

    Programmable to Charge all Industrial Batteries, Digital volt/ammeter, Current Limited, Tri
    Color LED to Track Charge Cycle Progress, 3 Year Warranty
    Golf Carts, Floor Scrubbers, Personnel Carriers, Railroads, Aircraft, RV's, Automotive, Pallet
    Trucks, All Material Handling, and Industrial Applications

    Quick Charge MotiveAider Battery Pack Recovery Unit

    If you Scrubber battery pack won't charge

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    Quick Charge Chargers 
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    Standard Battery Charger by Quick Charge Floor Scrubber and more

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      Purchase Standard Battery Charger by Quick Charge Floor Scrubber and more

      SKU: Battery_Charger_Standard
      Standard Battery Charger by Quick Charge Floor Scrubber and more


      Charge Plug Choose One for Your Machine:
      Choose Plug Color:
      Choose the Battery Charger You Need:


      Standard Portable Chargers

      General Purpose Charger for Automatic Floor Scrubbers



      • Quality: 100% copper transformer based design. Heavy duty rectifiers.

      • Reliable: Doesn't use delicate electronics

      • Safe: Current limited, and reverse polarity protected. Slow turn on with as little as 2 bolts in batteries

      • Full Featured: Switchable LCD volt/ammeter. Tri-colored LED to monitor charge progress. Programmable via internal dip switch. Charges all lead acid batteries. Optional temperature compensation. Avaiable with a variety of DC plugs.

      • Made in the USA 3 year warranty



      Internal dip switch allows programming the charge profile for gel, AGM, wet cell deep cylce, and starting batteries. Can be calibrated for Lithium Ion too.


      Switch the LCD display to monitor volts and amps.


      Tri color LED monitors charge progress


      Current Limited


      Reverse polarity protected


      Turns on with as little as 2 volts


      Optional temperature compensation for maximum battery life



      See photos to left for all chargers and plug you may need.


      Choose the CHARGER and the attachment PLUG and COLOR for your machine from the bullet list. All 3 must be checked.


      Chargers are built to order. Make sure of the correct one before ordering. If you need help deciding call us.


      NO REFUND on charger ordered wrong


      EquipmentBattery Charger Instructions


      NOTE: May take up to 14 days to ship. Each charger is built to order in the USA


      Works with:

      • Golf Cars

      • Electric Vehicles

      • Automotive

      • Floor Scrubbers

      • Pallet Trucks

      • Railroads

      • Aircraft

      • RV's

      Battery Charger Auto Scrubber 24v/10a DC 117 Vac 60hz

       Red or Gray