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    Multi-Clean 903985 Ultra Stripper 2/2.5 gal case

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      Purchase Multi-Clean 903985 Ultra Stripper 2/2.5 gal case

      SKU: 903985
      Multi-Clean 903985 Ultra Stripper 2/2.5 gal case

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      Multi-Clean Ultra Stripper

      A deep penetrating, non-corrosive, non-butyl, non-caustic stripper that requires minimal agitation to emulsify and remove all types of floor finishes including semi-permanent. Low odor allows use in occupied facilities, great for health care environments.


      This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. Green Seal.org.

      High Performance, Low Odor Stripper


      • Quickly removes moderate to heavy build ups.

      •  Safer, Non-Corrosive to skin and no harmful vapors.

      •  Can be used on genuine linoleum floors.

      •  Great for use as a restoration cleaner on grouted tile floors.

      A Powerful Stripper

      Ultra-Stripper is able to remove build-up of floor finishes with great efficiency. This highly active stripper cuts even heavily burnished films down to bare floors quickly. Ultra Stripper also works great for deep cleaning grouted tile floors.

      A Safer Stripper

      Ultra Stripper is safer to use than most conventional strippers. It is non-corrosive, does not contain butyl solvent, and has low odor. Green Seal certification is proof that Ultra Stripper is safer to use and safer for the environment.

      A Labor Saver

      Ultra-Stripper works great for autoscrub stripping of floors. It effectively attacks and liquefies finishes for easy pickup. Floors are stripped bare the first time, making Ultra Stripper the most cost effective stripper available. The product is also effective at stripping many types of semi-permanent seals.

      Certified Floor Care System

      Ultra-Stripper is a part of Multi-Clean’s Certified Floor Care System, designed specifically for Green Cleaning programs. Ultra Stripper, combined with Emerald Seal/Finish and 5 Century Maintenance make up a complete Green Seal Certified Floor Care Program.

      This product meets Green Seal® Standard GS-40 based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org.


      Appearance ..............Clear, Amber Liquid Odor..........................Fresh Fragrance % Active....................45% Dilution Rates 1:4 (32 oz./gal.).........Moderate build-up of conventional finish 1:8 (16 oz./gal.).........Light build-up or grouted tile cleaning. 1:8 (16 oz/gal.)..........For genuine Linoleum floors and rubber Floors pH (Conc.) ................10-11 DOT Shipping...........Compound, Cleaning Liquid, N.O.I. Storage Stability .......1 year under normal conditions

      VOC compliance: EPA, CA, IL, IN, MI, OH, OTC, UT, and Canadian regulations.