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    Multi Task U-Fill Foamer Gun

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      SKU: 421740
      Multi Task U-Fill Foamer Gun




      Multi Clean Multi Task U-Fill Foamer

      Portable foaming gun allows quick and easy access to shower rooms for soap scum and mineral deposit removal. Part Number: 421740
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      The U-Fill Foamer allows dispensing of foaming cleaners directly onto verticle surfaces. Valve control allows easy water rinsing.

      The Multi-Task U-Fill Foamer allows users to apply properly diluted Multi-Task foaming cleaners directly to surfaces being cleaned for fast, easy and efficient cleaning of shower rooms and other restroom surfaces. Simply connect the U-Fill Foamer to the appropriate concentrate, attach to cold water supply and it’s ready to use. Features include an on/off trigger valve, quick disconnect, and rotating selector valve for product or water rinse. Foam walls in restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, with 4 Foamy Mac to remove mineral deposits and soap scum build-up.