The Powermate 1204ACH Powered Carpet Wand

Attaches to any portable unit to remove deeply embedded soil and grit at record speed. MADE IN THE USA!

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EDIC 1204ACH 12” Wide Single Jet Powerwand 1204ACH
EDIC 1204ACH 12” Wide Single Jet Powerwand

EDIC 1204ACH 12” Wide Single Jet Powerwand


Product Details


So lightweight and maneuverable, the Powermate will triple your productivity. No more backaches and fatigue from slow, tedious cleaning with a wand. Unlike traditional carpet wands, the Powermate provides a high-speed cylindrical agitator brush that gets down to the base of the carpet fibers for more effective cleaning. The combination of brush agitation and solution spray minimizes physical exertion and improves cleaning performance. Most EDIC portable extractors can be equipped with an optional AC plug for the Powermate so you don’t need an extra power outlet to run it, making it an easy addition to your cleaning arsenal. The see-through front cover allows you to see the soil and chemical being removed from the carpet.


  • Weighs only 15 lbs
  • See-through front cover
  • Sealed, stainless steel ball bearings
  • High-speed 2500 RPM brush for deep cleaning
  • Heavy-duty aluminum handle
  • Adapts to Galaxy, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy 5, Polaris, and Supernova extractors


Cleaning Width 12″
Housing Ultra high-impact ABS
Brush Cylindrical, tynex
Brush Motor 1/12 HP
Brush Speed 2500 RPM
Electrical Draw 1 amp
Power Cord 25′
Weight 15 lbs.
Shipping Weight 28 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 13.5″H x 49.5″L x 18″W
Warranty 5 year parts & labor