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    BacKrete FDG Food Grease Digester 6/32oz

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      BacKrete FDG Food Grease Digester 6/32oz




      BacKrete® Food Grease Digester is a liquid product which contains bacteria and cleaning agents which will clean and consume many food related stains and other organic matter from concrete and other porous surfaces.

      BacKrete® Food Grease Digester can be used in the following areas:

      • Concrete Dumpster Pads
      • Kitchen Floors
      • Concrete Sidewalks
      • Bathroom Floors
      • Trash Cans
      • Porous Tile and Grout





      BacKrete® Food Grease Digester is a safe, very effective bioactive cleaner, organic waste digester and odor eliminator. It is designed especially for porous floors and is formulated with a pleasant fragrance. BacKrete® Food Grease Digester is recommended for use at food service and food processing facilities, as well as institutional restrooms. BacKrete® Food Grease Digester bioactive agents are based on a highly optimized bacteria mixture that produces five different types of enzymes (i.e., lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase and urease.) These enzymes effectively break down organic matter such as Grease, Food, Blood, Cellulose Fibers, Urine, Vomit and Feces. After application, surfaces are left extremely clean and odor free.


      Heavily Soiled, Outdoor Concrete Surfaces: Ready to Use 1) Thoroughly wet the outdoor concrete area to be cleaned with water. 2) Pour a liberal amount of BacKrete Food Grease Digester directly onto the heavily soiled outdoor concrete area. About 1/2 quart per 10ft x 10ft area. 3) Aggressively agitate the area with a scrub brush and let it soak into the soiled concrete area. Allow it to soak for several hours, or even overnight. 4) Leave the area wet; overnight the bacteria will continue to consume the greases. 5) If the soil load is extreme, rinse the area well & repeat steps 1-4.   

      Lighty Soiled, Interior Floors: Dilute 4 to 1 with water 1) Dilute the BacKrete Food Grease Digester 4 to 1 with water; equals 32 oz/gallon. 2) Pour diluted solution onto floor. Aggressively agitate the area with a scrub brush and allow the solution to soak into the pores of the grout and soiled areas.3) Leave it wet and allow solution to air dry. 4) Pour any unused solution into the floor drains. This will consume organic matter and their odors which are inside the drains.

      Spray Cleaning: Use with foaming Spray Head (provided) RTU 1) Attach Spray Head and spray the foam solution into Trash Cans, Toliets, Urinals, etc. 2) Agitate with a scrub brush & leave area wet.

      The bacteria in BacKrete Food Grease Digester prefer a warm, humid environment for their most active metabolic rate of consumption. Best results are seen after (24) hours use.

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