Polarid models cleans only in Reverse

Supernova cleans both Forward and Reverse

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EDIC Polaris 500PS Self Contained Carpet Extractor Polaris_500PS
EDIC Polaris 500PS Self Contained Carpet Extractor

EDIC Polaris 500PS Self Contained Carpet Extractor


Product Details

Polaris™ 500PS Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

Solution Tank 5 gallon
Solution Pressure 50 psi
Vacuum Motor 2 HP, 136" Waterlift
CFM 112
Brush Motor 4200 RPM, 1/6 HP
Brush Speed 2100 RPM
Brush Style Chevron design
Brush Bearings Sealed, stainless steel ball bearings
Cleaning Width 14"
Construction Polyethylene
Wheels 7" non-marking
Power Cord 25′
Weight 68 lbs.
Shipping Weight 95 lbs.
Electrical Draw 14 amps
Warranty 5 year parts & labor, lifetime on body

5 Gallon Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

The Polaris self-contained carpet extractor combines remarkable ease of operation with unbeatable performance and portability to deliver consistent carpet cleaning results at money saving speeds! Patented 4-wheel design combined with lightweight construction allow easy transportation and unparalleled balance and maneuverability if this versatile self-contained carpet extractor.


  • Patented 4-wheel design makes turning in tight places easy and balances total weight, even full of water, for easy maneuvering
  • Lift-off recovery bucket – no drain hose
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush for consistent carpet cleaning on all carpet lengths and uneven floors
  • Fully adjustable handle for greater operator ease, increased leverage on stairs and over curbs, and compact storage
  • Upright-mounted vacuum plus intercooler system extends vacuum motor life
  • See-through recovery dome