Minuteman Equipment M26036QP 20 inch Lumina Battery Burnisher M26036QP
Minuteman Equipment M26036QP 20 inch Lumina Battery Burnisher

Minuteman Equipment M26036QP 20 inch Lumina Battery Burnisher


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20 & 20TD Battery Burnishers

M26036QP Lumina 20" Battery Burnisher w/PAMS® ,2000 RPM,2.5 HP, (3) 155 AH batteries, 36V,20Amp Charger
M26036CE Lumina 20" Burnisher Base Unit w/PAMS® , 2000 RPM, 2.5 HP,  (No Batteries or Charger)
M26036TDQP Lumina 20" Traction Drive Battery Burnisher w/PAMS® , 2000 RPM, 2.5 HP, (3) 210 AH batteries, 36V,20Amp Charger
M26036TDCE Lumina 20"Traction Drive Burnisher Base Unit w/PAMS® , 2000 RPM, 2.5 HP,  (No Batteries or Charger)

High Performance. Dust Control.

Engineered for exceptional performance, Minuteman's Lumina™ 20 and
Lumina 20TD Battery Burnishers utilize a 2.5 H.P. pad drive motor and
Minuteman's exclusive patented PAMS®
(Passive Air Management System)
Dust Control System. PAMS helps to reduce the need for dust mopping after
burnishing by capturing finish compound and dust particles. The result —
innovative battery burnishers that provide high productivity, solid performance and increased labor savings benefits.

The Lumina 20 and Lumina 20TD feature a 20" burnishing pad with
pad driver speeds up to 2000 rpms to give a wet-look shine to
floors. These low-profile, ergonomically designed machines feature Minuteman's Multi-Flex®
pad driver which adjusts to the highs
and lows of the floor while retarding pad growth.

The Lumina 20 and Lumina 20TD battery burnishers are ideal
for environments that require a high productivity burnisher such
as hospitals, hotels, schools,
office buildings and
retail stores.

The simplified control panel
allows the operator to control
pad pressure by using one knob.
Raising and lowering the pad
driver is made easy with a
convenient foot pedal.

• Burnishing deck raises for simple operator
friendly pad replacement.
Dust Control System
• Multi-Flex®
pad driver
• Unobstructed access to battery compartment
• Optional HEPA filtration disposable paper
collection bags at 99.97% @ 0.3 microns,
part number 370320PKG

Frame & Housing Rotationally molded polyethylene mainframe with steel framing Pad Pressure Adjustable; visual monitor shows burnishing
Coating Electrostatically applied epoxy coat Pad Speed Up to 2000 RPM
Switches Master on/off control Weight With batteries: 445 lbs. (202kg)
Circuit Breakers 70 amp & 15 amp circuit breakers protect motor and circuitry Dust Control Method PAMS
Passive Air Management System
(Also available: optional HEPA filter bags)
Power Supply Standard on pad assist model: (3) 12 volt, 165 AH Deep Cycle
Standard on traction drive model: (3) 12 volt, 210 AH Deep Cycle
Wheels - Front 2 - 8" (20.3cm) non-marking gray w/bearings
Charger 36 volt, 20 AH Automatic (115 or 240 volt) Wheels - Rear 2 - 3" (7.6cm) swivel casters, non-marking gray
Pad Driver 20" (51 cm) Multi-Flex
Pad Driver w/circular flange Dimensions (LxWxH) 60" x 22" x 43" (154cm x 56cm x 109cm)
Motor/Pad Driver 2.5 HP 66 Frame 36 volt DC Pad Assist Model Manual
Pad Size 20" (51 cm) diameter
Traction Transmission
Drive Model
Variable speed forward & reverse