Minuteman M14110 Port A Scrub PAS14 inch Automatic Scrubber M14110
Minuteman M14110 Port A Scrub PAS14 inch Automatic Scrubber

Minuteman M14110 Port A Scrub PAS14 inch Automatic Scrubber


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Product Details

Minuteman M14110 Port A Scrub 14

General Overview

  • Ships with Blue Medium Brushes. Unique dual articulated squeegees allow for open area or close quarter cleaning
  • 40 foot, 14 gauge, 3 wire power cord
  • No tool squeegee change out
  • Ergonomic adjustable operator column
  • Easy removable solution and recovery tanks for quick serviceability
  • Active vacuum system leaves your floor completely dry

Green Features

  • Machine covers 7,500 sq. ft. per hour ( Nominal)
  • Cleans concrete, tile, stone and vinyl floors of all types
  • 780 RPM 4” counter rotating brushes tackle even the toughest jobs
  • 60lbs. of brush down pressure
  • 2.5 gallon solution tank/3.0 gallon recovery tank

Key Features

  • Collapsible handle for simple storage
  • Dual counter rotating brushes that remove heavy soil on smooth and three dimensional floors
  • Dual articulated squeegees that remove water in forward and reverse operation.
  • Close quarter or open area cleaning capability
  • Simple three button operation
  • M14110 (115 Volt) or
  • M14220 (220 Volt)
  • M14BQP Battery

Ease of Use

  • Ergonomically adjustable handle assembly
  • Simple three switch operation panel
  • Machine cleans and recovers cleaning solution all in one pass in forward or reverse
  • Quick fill and drain capability
  • Automatic solution/brush shutoff
  • Easy, no tool, brush removal
  • Heavy duty 14-3 jacketed power cord
  • Moisture resistant switches
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Non- conductive operator control console
  • Storage setting to protect brushes and squeegees during storage

Specifications Electric:

Brush Speed:
780 rpm
21.5” (550 mm)
27” (685 mm)
7,500 Sq. ft. per hr. (700 m2/h) Nominal
Power cord:
40 ft. (12 m)
Recovery Capacity:
3.00 gal. (11 liters)
Solution Capacity:
2.5 gal. (10 liters)
Squeegee Width:
18” (450mm)
97 lbs. (45kg)
18” (470)