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    Tornado 99410 BR 13/1 Cylindrical Twin Brush Scrubber 13 inch

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      SKU: 99410
      Tornado 99410 BR 13/1 Cylindrical Twin Brush Scrubber 13 inch




      BR 13/1 MW Family

      Low-Moisture, Multi-Purpose Scrubbers for Hard and Soft Floors

      The BR 131/1 MW Family is easier on the indoor environment and makes cleaning so simple, it is actually enjoyable. In-house facility managers, building engineers, housekeepers and BSCs will appreciate the BR 13/1 MW’s superior flexibility, advanced productivity and reduced environmental impact. Now available with lithium-iron batteries, the BR 13/1 MW Roam cleans longer, recharges faster and reduces energy consumption. Where high quality floor cleaning performance, ease of use and durability are called for, the BR 13/1 MW Family is the most versatile and effective answer for any hard or soft floor surface.


    • Excellent results on hard floor coverings including vinyl tile, brick, slate, mosaic, granite, marble and rubber floors.
    • BR 13/1 Roam offers cordless operation with sealed, maintenance free Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries.
    • Can be used on escalators, commercial-grade carpeting and entrance matting.
    • Particularly effective for tile and grout cleaning and non-slip safety floors.
    • Perfect for eco-friendly encapsulation carpet cleaning for commercial grade carpets and entrance mats.
    • Choice of brushes for normal maintenance or intensive scrubbing. Cylindrical brushes “lift” and revitalize carpet fibers while low-moisture solution atomization minimizes moisture, allergens and bacteria in carpets.
    • Side brushes are available and facilitate edge-cleaning right into hard-to-reach corners.
    • Perfect for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, restrooms, schools, airports, and retail sales floors.
    • Specifications

      Model BR 13/1 MW Electric BR 13/1 Battery Roam
      Catalog Number 99410 99412
      Cleaning Path 13 in / 33 cm 13 in / 33 cm
      Productivity per Hour 3775 sq. ft. / hr. 3775 sq. ft. / hr.
      Solution / Recovery Tank 1 gal./4 lit. 1 gal./4 lit.
      Sound Level 69 dBA 66 dbA
      Brush Motor 1 hp / 600 W .4 hp / 300 W
      Power 650 rpm 400 rpm
      Weight 55 lbs. 49 lbs.
      Dimensions (L x W x H) 15 in. x 17 in. x 44 in. 15 in. x 17 in. x 44 in.
      Tank Construction Polyethylene Polyethylene
      Brush Width 12"/30 cm 12"/30 cm
      Brush Type Counter-rotating cylindrical (x2) Counter-rotating cylindrical (x2)
      Charger NA On-board
      • Users and Operations Manual- BR 13/1 ROAM - English - French - Spanish  Download PDF
      • Parts Manual- BR 13/1 MW  Download PDF
      • Parts Manual- BR 13/1 MW BATT ROAM  Download PDF
      • Product Brochure – BR 13/1 Family – English  Download PDF
      • Product Brochure – BR 13/1 Family – Spanish  Download PDF
      • Product Brochure - BR 13/1 Family - French  Download PDF
      • Users and Operations Manual - BR 13/1 Family - English-French-Spanish  Download PDF